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Old-school river fun

North Wales, (U.K.) rainy season. We empty our air-bags to lighten our load, and carry the kayaks into the hills to catch the wet-days-only descents...

River Ogwen, North Wales

River Dee, Town Falls Llangollen, North Wales

River Ogwen, N.Wales
(photo Ray Rowe)

 a slight pinning problem... a bent "Dancer". Note the gear of the day... including the nylon spray-skirt. (the unexpected end to a solo run down the little stream that runs from Mynydd Llandegai, N.Wales...)

There is an annual race on the River Exe in Devon. The major weirs were once portaged around, but over the years more were shot until nowadays the whole course is run in racing kayaks. The weir shown is the first on the course, and this particular year a race boat folded around a bridge pillar above the weir so we took a different route than planned with the following consequences.


Tim Franklin, in the front seat, and Nigel Foster on their way down the River Exe in England.... not far from the start of the race.

For a moment the kayak almost straightens up... but begins to sink.....

"Should we bail out?"
 "I'm going to! But the captain is supposed to go down with the ship!"

Tim (center) and Nigel (right) retreat to their cars, each with half a kayak.

Scotland, winter touring in WW racing kayaks.

A white-water racing hull looks like this.

...despite his aversion to water Nigel was late to develop a reliable roll.