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Swedish west coast 5-day tour

Each summer, usually toward the end of August, Nigel and Kristin lead a west coast Sweden tour with instruction along the way with Tomas from Orust. Here are some photos from the 2005 tour. Maybe you'll be tempted to join us some time?

If the wind is blowing that way, maybe that's the way we should go today....

Star-kayaks, like starfish..

boulders in the sky, Kristin on the rocks.

cozy camp spots in the heather

Rocks behind islands, behind rocks....

fishermen's' huts

Recess in the deck to take a compass? No, to take a tomato.

Recess in the rock to take a compass? No to take boulders....

...or people? These holes were ground into the granite by boulders churning around beneath the moving ice sheet during the last ice age.

Sweden, a land where there are wooden sailing ships to see

Thomas takes chase as the ship sails quietly by....

Carmen, from Catalunia...

Strange seaman....

Strange seaman...

All these strange seamen... must be the drink! But let's not forget to wave the CATALUNIAN flag!!!

Thomas has been on the water so long today, his kayak has begun to sprout green shoots...

Fred (from the Netherlands) cruising the rocks...

No More Photos... military orders!

oops... just one more little photo?
Click the image to see images from our 2007 west coast of Sweden tour.

...or click this image for photos from a 2007 east coast of Sweden weekend. We run such courses every summer.