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Skye 07

The Scottish Sea Kayaking symposium on Skye 2007 offered the opportunity to meet up with and paddle with family and old friends, and to enjoy music and a wee beverage or two... as one does.

Approaching the Red Cuillins

Nigel with his sister Debbie

Scottish summer paddling weather

Soay on the map....

New paragraph

Landing on slippery wrack below the shark fishing station once operated by Gavin Maxwell

Ruins of the abandoned shark fishing station on Soay

The tank once used for pickling shark meat... something that didn't always turn out quite as Gavin Maxwell planned!

Lobster pots stacked outside the house

Kevin Mansell (left) and Howard Jeffs

Steam boiler at the shark fishing station

To learn more about the shark fishing station, see my blog entry.

Scottish rain-gear

Nigel's sister Debbie in her Silhouette

Scottish sunglasses

Debbie ducking through the waterfalls that tumble from the cliffs

Jeff behind a waterfall


Ceilidh time in the evening... with Gordon Brown (right)

Nigel meets up with paddling friends Rosemary and Graham Arthur.

"well, if you're a girl, wear jeans... if you're a man, wear a skirt...."

The men don their kilts and dance till the wee hours with the prettiest girls...

when sleep begins to overtake even the young...

Nigel and Andrew