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Misty Fjords, SE Alaska 2006

The Misty Fjords lie close north of the BC border in southeast Alaska. Arriving at Ketchikan by air, Kristin and I made final arrangements before the rest of the group arrived next morning by ferry from Bellingham WA. A fast ride on "The Boat" with our kayaks to a drop-off point at a forestry cabin and we were on our own. We followed a meandering route to the Behm Canal and south to Rudyerd Bay and Punchbowl Cove, where we were met by The Boat again, and returned to Ketchikan....

Misty in the fjords

A forestry cabin as a base

Kristin Nelson, cruising flat water


Nigel with Kristin and Britta (right) in the forestry cabin

Rick (in his new Legend) turns his hat from the wind in the Behm Canal

Behm Canal

Roland (foreground) and Britta, from Sweden, bounce over the swells

Finally some flat ground for camping! (Britta)

Kristin at breakfast

Visitors bring dressed crab and fresh salad... our friends from the forest service guess where they might find us! (Nacho, center)

The last time we had seen Nacho he was filling his car with cooking oil in Seattle. He drove from San Diego to Alaska on recycled oil, filtering out the bits of cooked food.

Leaving on the rising tide

Good visibility opens a wide vista

Curious otter

Bear country


Carmen from Catalunia

Brigitte from France

Punchbowl Cove (Kristin in her Silhouette)

Kristin, Punchbowl Cove