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The Art of Kayaking, book, Buy hereThe Art of Kayaking

The Art of Kayaking book by nigel foster. Everything you need to know about paddlingThe Art of Kayaking reveals all you need to know about paddling, from necessary skills to essential gear. It is the distilled work of Nigel Foster's lifetime (so far) of innovative instructing, expeditions, designing kayaks and paddles and kayaking equipment. Here you'll find not only sound solid starting advice, but alternatives that might suit you better, subtleties to add finesse and control, and explanations of why things work or don't work.

Color photo action sequences show how to perfect and apply skills, maps and diagrams walk you through essential planning and an easy-to-follow progression through the book offers information for all levels from beginner to expert. There's something for everyone.

Buy the book On Polar Tides hereOn Polar Tides

On Polar Tides, the extraordinary kayaking trip through wilderness of northernmost Labrador On Polar Tides tells of the wilderness of the Ungava and Labrador coast. With polar bears, jagged mountains, extreme tides and violent wind squalls, this harsh territory was the domain of Arctic Peoples long before the arrival Inuit.
Tales of early exploration from outside by ship, plane wrecks, a Second World War German weather station installed by a submarine crew, geology and encounters with elderly seal hunters are woven around two kayak journeys through this fascinating land, where the night sky dances with green auroras and fog drifts around stately icebergs.

(On Polar Tides is a re-write of Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador with added content and 31 color images.)

By the book Paddling Southern Florida herePaddling Southern Florida

Paddling Southern Florida. New updated kayaking guide book to Southern Florida with extra trips, color maps and photographs
Paddling Southern Florida
is a new updated guide book to more than 50 paddling trips in Southern Florida. Explains road routes to launch and finish, detailed route guide with points of interest, suggestions for accommodation, dining and rental options.

Sidebars offer a lot of useful and interesting detail about Florida, its wildlife, weather, history. A must if you  are considering making the most of a trip to Florida!

Click to Buy book Encounters now.Encounters from a Kayak.

Encounters from a kayak by Nigel Foster tells 39 intriguing kayaking tales from around the world

Nigel's book Encounters from a Kayak (FalconGuides) is arranged into four sections, Creatures, People, Places, and Flotsam and Jetsam. The 39 stories in Encounters come from Nigel's diverse experiences around the world and through time. Color images throughout.

Stepping Stones book cover

"Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador"
, written after Nigel's 2004 kayak journey with Kristin Nelson in northeastern Canada is published by Outskirts Press. It describes the remote coast of Ungava and Labrador, with it's displays of the aurora, historical gems and remains from its past inhabitants. It also describes Nigel's epic solo crossing of Hudson Strait, and the couple's encounters with polar bears.

Buy the book, Stepping Stones, here.     Buy book, Stepping Stones

Nigel Foster's Sea kayaking book coverNigel Foster's Sea Kayaking Explained in easy to understand language and illustrated with many illustrations and photographs. If you already grasp the basic techniques demonstrated in "A Beginners Guide to Kayaking" then "Nigel Foster's Sea Kayaking" will explain how to adapt and apply your skills to the variety of sea conditions. Launching from shore, paddling control, turning, the roll, capsize recovery, how to handle tides and currents, landing through surf, navigation, weather explained, and much much more is covered in a concise and practical way.
Fernhurst Books and Globe Pequot Press. 

Nigel Foster's surf kayaking, book cover
Nigel Foster's Surf Kayaking
The first surf kayaking manual, this covers techniques for catching and riding waves, performing maneuvers, and completing each ride with style and control. Learn how waves form and what causes them to break. Learn about safety in the surf zone, equipment and etiquette. Photographic sequences in color reinforce the text.
Globe Pequot Press

Kayaking by nigel foster, book cover
Kayaking, a Beginner's Guide.
  Photographic sequences and clear explanations detail all the basic kayaking maneuvers, from launching to wet exit, from a variety of rolls and braces to rescue techniques and bow and stern rudders. This is a comprehensive training manual applicable to paddlers of all levels aspiring to either develop fine technical control of a kayak, or to teach it.
Fernhurst Books.                  

Sea Kayaking Southern Florida, nigel foster, book coverSea Kayaking Guide to Southern Florida. The forty great paddling trips in Southern Florida detailed here come with suggestions for accommodations, routes to launch sites and places to eat locally. Anecdotes and descriptions of local interest make this a great book for the "armchair adventurer" as well as the committed paddler and is a fun guide to have handy if you should be tempted to learn about Florida.
Slide into the humid warmth of mangrove channels alive with herons and egrets. Hear the splash of jumping mullet as you wind your way to white sand Gulf Coast beaches where dolphins constantly patrol. This book is your personal passport!
Globe Pequot Press.        

     Buy book, Sea Kayaking Guide to Southern Florida

OPen Canoe Technique, Nigel Foster, book cover
Open Canoe Technique
Discover the nuances of fine paddle control in an open canoe. Photographic sequences and clear line drawings accompany the descriptions of single paddle and of pole propulsion in a conoe, basic canoe sailing, and introductory white-water technique. Both solo and tandem technique is explained along with rescues and safety. Fernhurst Books and Globe Pequot Press.  

Seekajak by nigel foster, book cover

is the German language version of "Nigel Foster's Sea Kayaking", in hardback and with and added selection of color photographs grouped in the center.

Raging Rivers Stormy Seas, coverRaging Rivers, Stormy Seas.
Terry Storry, Marcus Baillie and Nigel Foster recount kayaking adventures from around the world. While Marcus and Terry describe their white-water descents, Nigel kicks off with a description of the south coast of Iceland from his 1977 circumnavigation with Geoff Hunter, and closes the book trapped at night trapped beneath 2,000 foot high cliffs in the Faroe Islands, recalling his earlier solo crossing of Hudson Strait from Baffin Island to Northern Labrador.
Now out of print, you might find a "pre-owned" copy. (Oxford Illustrated Press)

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