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Nigel Foster's signature paddles: the AIR and GS

2-pice Nigel Foster AIR paddle in carbon with foam coreNigel Foster AIR

Nigel Foster demonstrates low brace turn using Nigel Foster AIR paddle

Nigel's revolutionary contoured foam core blades are produced by Point65  in two versions, "AIR" in carbon, and "GS" in fiberglass.
With powerful drive, reduced flutter, these blades are great for precision maneuvering.

Sweetwater KAyaks Russell Farrow using his Nigel Foster Air paddles as sails in his Whisky18 kayak

Both versions are the same size and shape. Both come with a foam core construction blade and carbon shaft. The "AIR" is amazingly lightweight, with carbon blade and carbon shaft.

The "GS" yellow blade fiberglass version is still very lightweight, with its all-carbon shaft, but a little heavier overall than the "AIR".

view the YouTube video of nigel's paddle

Nigel Foster AIR paddle by Point65

The Nigel Foster signature AIR paddle.
Modern "sticks!"

Nigel's earlier paddle designs, the Hi-Pro and Sports-Pro are no longer in production, although you may still see them in use.
They were a significant step forward in design from what was available before their release, even though they've since been superseded by the AIR and GS.
For historical and nostalgic interest you'll find a description here: Hi-Pro and Sports-Pro