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Nigel Foster's kayak designs.

These kayaks are described fully on the nigelfosterdesigns site. If you are seeking information about a specific design, you can get there directly by clicking on the model name.

are produced by Point65 of Sweden and, by order, the Cappuccino, and the The Whisky16 and the DoubleShot. Whisky18.

Nigel's Legend, Silhouette and Shadow are in production in Canada by Seaward Kayaks, with their legendary high quality workmanship.

The Rumour is produced by Current Designs, in USA.

Below are a few fun images with links from the images and text to more information about people and places... you'll see some of Nigel's kayak designs on the water but in a way, the fun stuff is in the links to hidden pages on the "nigelkayaks" site.

Visiting the "Sahara" in a Whisky16. (More about the Sahara in section about Ballard...)

...and Mike from Portland Kayak Company, Oregon...

Per in Stockholm Sweden...

Nigel's brother David, from England

the bow of Nigel's kayak in a cave on the Washington coast

... and in Stockholm Sweden

And the DoubleShot?     .... well... it was here... I guess it's out on the water.

Click on the image to see Nigel's other kayak designs!