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Portland Kayak Company Nigel Foster Dates! 
We are pleased to announce that Portland Kayak Company will again be hosting a series of weekend paddling clinics with Nigel Foster and Krtistin Nelson in 2010! These very special clinics fill up quickly, so please reserve your space early.  

April 10-11: Nigel Foster's "Directional Control" on the Willamette River in Portland

This popular clinic will teach you more about boat control than you ever thought possible! 9:00 am - 4:00 pm each day

June 13-14: Nigel Foster's "Directional Control" on the Willamette River  
with Nigel and Kristin ... leading into the coastal training on June 14-15 for those who want both!

June 15-16: "Coastal Paddling with Nigel Foster"  - A truly unforgettable experience with Nigel and Kristin, exploring rock gardens, archways, caves, and playing in the surf and swell along a pristine stretch of the rugged Oregon Coast.

October 2-3, "Directional control", with Nigel Foster and Kristin Nelson, Willamette River, Portland

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