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"Stepping Stones" images

To add to your experience reading On Polar Tides or Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador here are some images referenced with chapter headings or page number in each book. Scroll down!
 (To view a slide show of some of the images click here.)

Chapter 1    Going East

Chapter 2    Kuujjuaq

Stepping Stones: p22
On Polar Tides: p25

left to right; Kristin, Ida, Sara.

Stepping Stones: p24
On Polar Tides: p27

Larry and Sara

Stepping Stones: p24
On Polar Tides: p29


Chapter 3    Ungava Bay

Stepping Stones: p 24
On Polar Tides: p32
Small freighter

Stepping Stones:
On Polar Tides: p33

On Polar Tides: p33

Stepping Stones:

On Polar Tides:p34

Stepping Stones:
p 30.

On Polar Tides:p34

Our Wild Country Quasar tent set on the rock above the fast-rising water...

We collect "fresh" water in a collapsible bucket..... this is a salty sample, so we need to camp higher up. Typically after letting sediment settle, we use a filter pump to clean what we need.

Stepping Stones:

On Polar Tides:p46


Stepping Stones:
On Polar Tides:p47

Fishing camp,

Stepping Stones:
p 42
On Polar Tides p47

Stepping Stones:
p 43
On Polar Tides:p47

Inukshuk Lodge

Stepping Stones: pages 43-44
On Polar Tides 49

Ross Traverse in 2009 with fresh smoked salmon... he mostly smokes salmon and mackerel nowadays.Ross runs a garden nursery business in Newfoundland, "Traverse Gardens".

Stepping Stones:
Ross Traverse's salmon, cold-smoked using alder...

Chapter 4    Polar Bears

Stepping Stones:
p 51
On Polar Tides:p54

Quartz blocks?

Chapter 5    Hubbard Expedition

Stepping Stones:
p 61
On Polar Tides: p63

Near mouth of George River

Stepping Stones:
p 61

On Polar Tides:p64

Chapter 6    Moravian Missionaries

Chapter 7    Inuit Camp

Stepping Stones:
p 72   
On Polar Tides:p.75

Suzie (left) and David (Center)

Stepping Stones:
David with Nigel

Chapter 8    East and North along Ungava Bay

Stepping Stones:
p 79

On Polar Tides:p83

Stepping Stones:
the gift of a duck...

Stepping Stones:
page 92
On Polar Tides:p97

Stepping Stones:

On Polar Tides:p89

After our initial escape but before the bear swam after us.

Stepping Stones:
Our last camp before we reached Killinek

Chapter 9   Killinek and Polar Air Routes

Stepping Stones:
On Polar Tides:p109

Church, Killinek

Stepping Stones: p105,  
On Polar Tides:p109

Inside the church, Killinek

Stepping Stones:p109
On Polar Tides: p112

Evening light, Amittoq Inlet

Chapter 10    Crossing Hudson Strait

Stepping Stones:
Images from the 1981 trip are on the Baffin Island page of this site.

Chapter 11    McLelan Strait

McLelan Strait

McLelan Strait looking west

Stepping Stones: p.130
On Polar Tides:p134

Amity Island

Chapter 12    Labrador Fog and German Weather Stations

Fog cleared to reveal the Torngat Mountains

Iceberg with Torngat Mountains

Chapter 13    Wind

Stepping Stones: p147
On Polar Tides: p154

Sheltering from the wind on Amiktok Island

Stepping Stones: p149
On Polar Tides: p156

Big White Bearskin Island (top left) off Deacon Head, see from Amiktok Island.

Stepping Stones: p154
On Polar Tides: p162

Stone armchair,

Chapter 14    Ramah

Stepping Stones: p157
On Polar Tides: p166

Waterfall pitching out onto the beach

Stepping Stones: p 161
On Polar Tides: p170

Remains of sod houses

Nigel Foster Making Espresso Stepping Stones: p 163
On Polar Tides: p172

Brewing espresso

Chapter 15    Leaving the Torngats

Stepping Stones: p174
On Polar Tides: p184

Iceberg, Saglek Bay

Crossing Saglek Bay

Stepping Stones: p175
On Polar Tides:  p184

Cliff on Big Island

Chapter 16    Saglek

Stepping Stones: p179  
On Polar Tides: p189

Caribou in the shade around the temporary buildings

Stepping Stones: p179
On Polar Tides: p.189


Stepping Stones: p183   
On Polar Tides:p193

The memorial plaque to the Marauder crew

Stepping Stones:p183
On Polar Tides: p193

Marauder wreckage

Stepping Stones:
PCB clean-up team by our kayaks

Chapter 17    Hebron

Stepping Stones:
On Polar Tides:p204

Moravian Mission building Hebron

Tom with his dog

The first Moravian building at Hebron

the camp of the restoration party

Checking out the houses once rented out by the Hudson Bay Company

Sem's home-built boat

Sem's other boat is anchored in the bay

Chapter 18    Kaumajet Mountains, The Shining Mountains

Stepping Stones: p207
On Polar Tides: p219

Cod Bag Harbor

Stepping Stones: p208
On Polar Tides:220-221

Inuit grave

Stepping Stones: p209
On Polar Tides:p222

Repairing a kayak

Chapter 19    Okak

Stepping Stones: p216
On Polar Tides: p230

Okak Islands

Chapter 20    Cabins


Stepping Stones:p219On Polar Tides:p233


Stepping Stones: p222
On Polar Tides:p235

Jako's cabin... Kiglapait Mountains in background

Jako's cabin

Stepping Stones: p223On Polar Tides:p237

Cabin, Kiglapait Harbour

New paragraph

Chapter 21    Kiglapait Mountains and Village Bay

Stepping Stones:p225On Polar Tides: p239

Entering Medusa Bay

Stepping Stones: p227
On Polar Tides: p240

Jim and Helena outside their cabin

Chapter 22   Port Manvers Run

Stepping Stones:p233
On Polar Tides:p247

Early morning, Port Manvers Run

Stepping Stones: p237
On Polar Tides:p251

Uncanny calm before the storm

Stepping Stones: p238
On Polar Tides:p253

Kristin with mussels she collected from the cold water Webb Bay

Stepping Stones: p238
On Polar Tides: p253

Kristin cooks mushrooms and berries

Stepping Stones: p210
On Polar Tides: p254

Frosty morning

Best friends!

Chapter 23  Nain

Stepping Stones: p248
On Polar Tides:p262

April, on ATV, with Kristin

Stepping Stones: p248
On Polar Tides:

Church and dock Nain

Chapter 24  Northern Ranger

Stepping Stones: p257
On Polar Tides:p269

ATV with trailer of children on Nain dock

Stepping Stones: p 258
On Polar Tides: p270

Legend hoisted aboard the Northern Ranger

The cargo hatch closes

Stepping Stones:p259
On Polar Tides:  p271

Kristin leaving Nain on Northern Ranger

Chapter 25   The road of progress

Stepping Stones: p265
On Polar Tides: p277

Muskrat Falls

Stepping Stones: p 267-268,
On Polar Tides from p279

B17G search and rescue aircraft.

Links to some more of the history of this B17G...  1,   2,

Stepping Stones:
p 267, Gary Shaw

Gary Shaw; the younger

The still-inflated tires

That's all for now. Contact Nigel to buy a signed copy of Stepping Stones or the more recently published On Polar Tides !