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Baja Mexico April 2007

When the 2007 Aqua-Adventures sea kayaking symposium at San Diego was over, most of the instructors headed south with Jen for a few days on the Pacific Baja coast to enjoy a little rock-hopping just for fun...

Jennifer Kleck (owner of Aqua- Adventures, San Diego, CA,) and Nigel enjoying steaming hot tamales at the roadside, Baja.

Don't blame the cameraman! Russell Farrow of Sweetwater Kayaks Florida wants his tamale back!
No way!

Dog-eared and dog-tired by the corn pile

Jon Turner checks out a blowhole

Now you see it now you don't... waiting for a bigger wave over the reversing falls

Fiona Whitehead from UK creeps closer to the action

"Coffee-bean" Thom about to be drenched by a blowhole

A ledge pillow against the cliff.

Steve Maynard floats on the pillow

Purple sea urchins decorate the cliff...

... along with crusty starfish in jelly-bean colors

Parting shot...
Jean Totz of Sweetwater Kayaks Florida glides behind the cliff.

Aqua-Adventures organize paddling trips to Baja regularly... call Jen for details