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Denmark 08

In 2008 Kristin and I visted our friends Nicolai and Vaida and their fun new son Mantas in Svendborg. Here are some stories and images from that visit, including our annual instructional tour (come join us in 2009!), a surfing trip to the Northwest of Denmark, and some extras like fungus collecting.... as they say, it's good to be around the fun guy!

Waiting for it to start?

taking a short cut...

Eric (Kristin's brother) visiting with his daughter Ella... it's a great place for kids to stay and play!

Smiling all day long! Here we're checking out the boats in Svendborg harbour...

some older than others...

and some in awkward position... if it was on land it would likely be a "listed building"... but on the sandbank it's simply "listing".

Gathering a few kayaks and people for a class...

an island tractor ready for a day out...

towing the kayakers for an open air island tour...

to see all the magic spots like this one, featured fondly in Peter Blays paintings.

Best not to stand right on the edge...

We're lucky to have to the company of lovely Veida and Mantas, who have met us by ferry, bringing us a treat; a big  and delicious cake!

Glowering clouds hint of worse weather, although the sun wins through.

It's great to sit at tables to eat while the tents are ready for nightfall.

Calm inside the tiny harbor

and possibly even calmer outside the harbor!

as the sun sinks

As always, the ladies take up the challenge to stand

And wander around in determined concentration...

without a safety net to catch them

A peaceful trip at a time of year that can be windy...

Of course, when we really needed wind for our surf classes, it turned offshore!

The Klitmauler fishing boats balance on the beach, the Whisky16-like rocker hinting of a design suited to the surf conditions to be found here.

while the poles on the sand dunes offer the only accurate leading marks for boats approaching a low-lying coastline

We did find small waves... suitable for learning without any scary aspects

But I think some "scary" would have been appreciated.

row 2

Typically, the waves began to rise the day after the weekend course finished. It would have been a pity to waste them...

We drew quite a crowd...

(actually these are birdwatchers at our next location)

But before that... we went "hunting" for mushrooms! They were no match for our nimble fingers!

I don't recall ever seeing so many toadstools of different varieties anywhere in one season as in the forests here this year! Of course, we were only taking our fill of chanterelles and boletus edulis...


 and we were ignoring the wood ants nests.... nice place to sit?

and ignoring any mushrooms that didn't measure up to the finest. Here's Nicolai with a boletus he rejected as a little too old....

adoring fans....

no need for a blackboard...

Nicolai with cake and espresso...

tubes for the wind generators...

pipe dreams

a window on Denmark... will you join us in 2009? e-mail for more info! nigel@nigelkayaks.com