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Ballard Bridge to the locks

All year there is a constantly changing scene of boats and industry along the Fremont Canal and Salmon Bay. These images are from a leisurely winter morning paddle in January 2008 between a public boat-launch by Ballard Bridge, and the Chittenden locks.

With the Olympic Mountains in the background

Ballard Bridge is designed to lift to allow tall vessels through.

Close to the bridge Kristin spotted the Erinn Hale. Four Seattle rowers embarked on this boat in New York and rowed her across the Atlantic to Bishop Rock (England) in the 2006 USA to UK race.

The team, Jordan Hanssen, Dylan LeValley, Greg Spooner and Brad Vickers, all from the Green Lake neighborhood, became the first U.S. team to complete the 2,863- nautical- mile race.

The team consisted of a rowing coach, a barista (an essential if you’re coming from the coffee capital of the northwest!) and two graduate students. Three boats competed in the 2006 race, and the Erinn Hale came in first!

The decaying woodwork of the tugboat Gillspray from Mercer Island.

The Acania,
built as a luxury motor-yacht in 1929 for a Wall Street Banker, was purchased by a French film director in 1929 and presented as a gift to actress Constance Bennett in 1931.

At about that time Constance, a beautiful 5 foot 4 inch tall blonde, made the successful transition from the silent movie screen into the "talkies". (Click image for more about Constance Bennett)

The Acania is currently for sale for about $349,000 (Feb 08)

The open water-scape toward the Chittenden locks (left of center).

A classic wooden lake cruiser...

...the white-painted "Sahara" is moored in the background.

The smartly presented Ranger 7... built in 1926

Ballard has a pleasing mix of industrial and recreational waterfront. Above Kristin's head is the blue and red painted Coast Angel (formerly Coastal Ranger), once accommodating the only maritime AM broadcast station in the USA.

Nose to nose with a giant... the "Sahara". This 300-foot-long former NOAA ship used to be called "Protector". It is currently being refitted as a luxury expedition yacht... with 500-square-foot suites, and  for off ship exploration, a fleet of mini submarines. The deck will be equipped with a helicopter pad.

With a crew of 30, the ship will be able to accommodate 30 guests.

Kristin in her Rumour dwarfed by the Sahara's steel bow

Stacked for the winter, ready for restoration or past their prime?

The Puget...

...making a grab at Kristin as she passes...

Dented steel hulls suggest harsh conditions at sea.

Commercial Alaska crabbing boats moored against the dock.

A well-swept deck in the sunshine. Kristin glides past in shadow.

With a final backward glance, we return to the public boat ramp and head for home.